How to add value to your laundry

The laundry often isn’t somewhere we spend much time on when it comes to renovations or updates, but it is a room where many of us spend a lot of time each day. The importance of the laundry in daily living means it could be a deal-maker for potential buyers, so consider these tips to help you ‘clean up’ at sale time.

Bench is best

If you have space in your laundry, adding some clear bench space for folding, sorting or just piling washing is a winning move. The bigger the bench, the better, especially in a busy family home.

Create space

No one likes being crammed into a small, tight space while trying to tousle with bed sheets, so if you can’t increase the actual size of your laundry, think about space-saving ideas. Mounting a washing machine or dryer on the wall easily clears floor room, and you can also add some sturdy hooks on the wall to hang washing baskets.

Storage solutions rule

Storage is usually desperately needed in the laundry for items such as detergents, scrubbers, irons, and household cleaning products. If you can add cabinets and cupboards that fit snugly around appliances and the tub to accommodate these items, it will add considerable value to this room – the more, the better!

Hide and seek

Big, bulky household staples such as dirty laundry baskets and ironing boards can create a lot of clutter, so think about adding clever hideaway storage for these. A large pull-out draw in a cabinet for dirty washing will keep smelly socks hidden away, and wall-mounted ironing boards or drying racks are relatively simple ideas that will keep things looking tidy.

Light it up

Often a small space tucked away at the back or in a corner, laundry rooms are notoriously dark, which doesn’t make the task of sorting and folding washing any more appealing. Add extra lighting where possible so the area is bright, looks cleaner and feels more spacious.

Tidy up wear and tear

As a functional, everyday work space, laundries are sometimes neglected when it comes to regular maintenance. Before you list your home, take the time to give the laundry a thorough clean, touch up paintwork or repaint the walls if needed, and replace broken fixtures such as dripping taps so it doesn’t detract from the rest of your home.