What to look for at an Open Home

This handy guide will help you to get good intel from your first impression. So, you can be sure you get as much information for yourself before engaging professionals to inspect the building’s structure and health.


The Outside:

Drainage, guttering and spouting
Look at the drains – are they blocked? Is there any obvious damage? Check the guttering and spouting for cracks and any build-up of plant matter.

Building exterior
Check the outside walls, and roofs and look at the condition of the decks, fences, chimneys, garden and lawns. If there are wooden windows, check the condition of the putty and look for any rot or areas that have been filled. Check the condition of exterior paintwork. If the exterior is plaster cladding, check for cracks.

Under the house
Check the piles (if there are piles) and look for under- floor insulation. Check whether the area under the house is dry and if there are smells that could indicate dampness.

Access and paths
Are they in good nick? 

Windows and paintwork:
With wooden window frames, you’ll want to look for signs of cracking or rot. Similarly, take a look at any paintwork for cracks. When was the house last painted?

Check there is enough parking on the property and the street for you and your visitors.

Light and trees
Will trees block the sunlight at certain times of the day? If there’s a garden, will it be hard to maintain?

The Inside:

Insulation, ventilation and heating
Find out about the home’s insulation, ventilation, sources of heating and whether the windows are double glazed.

Look at the condition of the floor coverings. Check to see if the floors are level.

Doors and windows
Check the condition of all doors and windows and see if they open and shut property.

Check the shower pressure, tap pressure and how well the toilets flush.

Insulation and ventilation:
How is the property heated and cooled? Are the windows double-glazed?

Will the rooms be big enough for your furniture? Do the rooms give you options for how you want to use the home?

Check the storage in each of the rooms, hallways and garages. Open doors and look inside.

Check if you smell any mould, cigarette smoke, or pet urine.

Once you have made your first visit and if you decide you wish to proceed in making an offer, seek good legal, building and financial advice from the experts. And of course if you have any questions, feel free to give me a call.